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Sharing A Passion For The Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis), Arctic Nature, Sámi Culture and Scandinavian Cuisine.

Andy Keen - Northern LightsHello, my name is Andy Keen and I’m a professional nature photographer and veteran Northern Lights “chaser”. For the past ten years I’ve spent every Autumn and Winter observing and photographing the Northern Lights in numerous locations within the Arctic Circle including Finnish Lapland, Swedish Lapland, Northern Norway and Iceland.  

During this time, I would estimate that I’ve driven easily in excess of a quarter of a million kilometres in search of clear skies, and the “lights”, and have thus far spent approximately nine thousand hours standing below them.  As you may imagine, I’ve also managed to amass rather a large collection of both static and moving images of the Aurora. Moreover, since September 2011 I’ve been leading Northern Light tours – under the brand name “Aurorahunters” – and have taken many hundreds of people from around the globe search of the Auroras. I think that it’s fair to say that me and my team have been instrumental in helping to fulfill many dreams – often lifelong dreams – of witnessing what has to be one of Mother Nature’s most spectacular natural phenomena.

Andy Keen Nature PhotographyIn addition to the above, I’ve also assisted – both as a contributor as well as a fixer – in the production of a number of TV documentaries pertaining the Northern Lights including, for example, the BBC TV documentary “Little Stargazing”, which came runner-up in the UK’s prestigious British Academy of Film and Television Arts awards (better known as the BAFTAS).

To say that I’m passionate about the Auroras would be somewhat of an understatement. What gives me the greatest pleasure these days, however, is simply watching my clients faces when they witness the Aurora Borealis for the first time. There’s something extremely rewarding in watching adults transforming into children, if only for a brief moment. For me, the Northern Lights are much more than a visual experience, but very much a feeling one too.  They’re also extremely addictive and, to my mind at least, most certainly not simply a “wish” or “bucket list” item. It’s extremely difficult to put into words, and it’s something that you’d have to experience first-hand to truly appreciate, but when you’re stood there under the Aurora (and a beautiful night sky) then somehow it seems to help to put everything (life) into perspective.  I consider myself extremely fortunate and privileged to live and to work in such a remarkable  natural environment, as well as to share my passion for the Auroras with people from all over the world, and shall continue to do just that for as long as I’m able.

I hope that you enjoy your visit to the site and that one day, all being well, you’ll join me and my team on tour.

Best wishes,

Andy Keen 
Nature Photographer & Guide

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Image of the Northern Lights captured by Andy Keen

Professional photographer and veteran Aurora “Chaser”, Andy Keen, stood under a very rare Aurora “Spiral”.